Pottery by Peri's First Market

First arts market is officially in the books, and I could not have asked for a greater day! Perfect weather, perfect crowd, perfect atmosphere -- Riverside Arts Market was all around a spectacular way to showcase Pottery by Peri in the Jacksonville area. I learned a lot about marketing details, set-up successes and areas that need adjustments, and the benefits of discussing my pottery with customers in person! It was a fantastic day of removing the computer screen and adding the personal connection back into my business. Time to relax for the rest of this weekend (which I hope you all are as well :) ) and get ready to start producing more pottery and preparing for the next market! The store

Jacksonville Beginnings

It has been a big transition these past few weeks adjusting to a new city and establishing business, but things are moving quickly and I could not be more ecstatic about the progress. I joined a public pottery studio to keep up production, explored the art and culture scene at various art markets and exhibitions, and by the end of the first month Pottery by Peri had secured its very own pottery studio! This first week of April has been busy, filled with building shelves and work tables for the new space, but with the wonderful help from family it has passed by quickly and successfully :). Only a few more things left to build and it will be complete! On top of the studio setup, Pottery by Pe